Master Pool Specialists
Master Pool Specialists offers both marbelite and fibreglass pool installations, maintenance and repairs.
Pool Installations

Installing a new swimming pool can be stressful. Get professional help from Master Pool Specialists so that you will LOVE your new swimming pool. Master Pool Specialists will guide you through the process and help you meet your budget.

Marbelite Pools

The benefits of a Marbelite Pool is that they are completely customizable so you can create any shape to suite your yard perfectly.

Fibreglass Pools

 They are more flexible than Marbelite Pools and less likely to crack but are only available in a limited range of designs.

Pool Pumps

its wise to get professional help on your pool pump replacement. not all the pools have the same size pump so make sure you have the correct pump for your pool to have a clear pool every day.

Pool Filters

its important to replace your filter sand every 12 moths to have a clear clean fresh pool. filter sand makes a big different to your pool so keep it clean to have a clean pool.

Solar Pool Panels

solar panel is a great way to heat up your pool without professional help it miht turn into a disaster Master Pool Specialists will guide you thru the prosses to meet your budget.

 We can help you create your dream pool

Contact us today for an obligation free quote on your new dream pool or on renovations or repairs to an existing pool.

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